Midas Rezerv launches first gold-backed currency on the Bitcoin blockchain

Blockchain | April 28, 2015 By:

On Friday, Apr. 24, Midas Rezerv launched a more efficient way to trade physical gold using the transparency of the blockchain technology.

“Midas Rezerv brings together 6 years of blockchain technology with 6000 years of gold history. Now anybody can own and securely store physical gold within the reach of a smartphone, and conduct trading and payments in gold within seconds and at a very low cost. If you own MRcoin, you own the gold,” said Midas Rezerv founder Alexi Lane.

Midas Rezerv aims to disrupt the $500 billion private investment gold market by offering decentralized trading and gold distribution ecosystem on bitcoin blockchain.

Midas Rezerv (MRCoin) is a decentralized distributed 100% Gold backed digital token platform.