MIT is pushing forward with its blockchain research, adopts Ripple validator

FinTech | April 26, 2016 By:

Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Connection Science has adopted a validator for the Ripple Consensus Ledger to advance research into the internet of value (IoV), a technology that enables money to move over the Internet as fast as information does today.

“In this new experiment with Ripple, we are taking MIT’s experiential research approach to the blockchain, and we anticipate this collaboration will provide us new opportunities to test and deploy data applications and research. We’re pleased that the Ripple team has fostered a substantive dialogue with us about the future of finance through the decentralization of digital currencies and value,” said said MIT professor Alex “Sandy” Pentland.

“We’re extremely excited for MIT to run a Ripple validator. Having a globally renowned institution like MIT contribute to the consensus process on Ripple fortifies the resiliency and security of the network. Beyond that, it’s incredible to have a partner we respect so much share the mission of enabling money to move like information does on the Web today,” said Ripple CTO Stefan Thomas.

MIT Connection Science is a new research initiative at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology that applies data/analytics to build better societies, under MIT’s new Institute for Data, Systems & Society.