Mysten Labs Announces Partnership With 0L Network to Grow the Move Ecosystem

Announcements, Blockchain, Innovation, News | February 3, 2022 By:

Web 3.0 infrastructure company Mysten Labs has teamed with 0L Network, an open and permissionless version of the Diem blockchain, to build tools and resources for the Move smart contract programming language.

Released as part of the Diem technology stack, Move is a secure smart contract language that protects against hacking vulnerabilities. The Move language is ideal for developers of all experience levels looking to build complex network governance and participation arrangements quickly. Additionally, Move is a cross-platform smart contract language–it can run without modification on blockchains that use different transaction formats, account structures, cryptography, consensus, etc.

The partnership aims to roll out joint Move hackathons and mentorship programs as part of a long term strategy to grow the Move Ecosystem to 5 million developers by 2025.

“Move simplifies reasoning about smart contracts by eliminating large attack surfaces such as re-entrancy, which dramatically decreases the scope of audits,” commented Sam Blackshear, CTO of Mysten Labs and creator of the Move programming language. “We expect Move to become the lingua franca of smart contract development, and we’re excited to partner with 0L to further expand the Move community.”

“With Mysten’s support, we will meaningfully reduce the time it takes to build Move-powered applications,” added Zaki Manian, Co-creator of 0L. “This is essential for building ecosystem momentum. As the only public, live, and fair-launch Diem-based blockchain, 0L is a built-in platform to experiment and deploy full, live Move applications for a community of engaged users. We are seizing the opportunity to build tools, frameworks and applications so Move developers anywhere can quickly launch their projects.”

Moving forward, Mysten and 0L will collaborate on standards, specifications, tools, mentoring and hackathons. Additionally, they plan to develop innovative applications, tools, and wallets, turning them into functional specifications and standards for development. The partnership expects to significantly increase the engineering resources working on Move and accelerate adoption.