Mysterium’s Virtual Private Network Launches

Blockchain, Innovation | May 18, 2017 By:

Blockchain startup Mysterium Network has released the alpha version of its blockchain-based Virtual Private Network (VPN). The company claims that the platform will provide a secure and decentralized way to secure and encrypt one’s traffic.

The system is also designed so that users who share their spare bandwidth to the network will be able to earn digital tokens in reward. MYST is the network’s native token, issued both as a reward and can be used to utilize the VPN service. Mysterium will launch the crowdsale of its MYST tokens on May 30. Funds raised will be used to support development and the launch of the platform.

Mysterium said that its blockchain-secured VPN can help secure organizations against threats like the the ’WannaCry’ virus, which took down parts of the NHS IT infrastructure and has since made its way around the globe. The company claims that many of these organizations are now rushing to adopt a VPN into their networks and operations.

Mysterium Network founder Robertas Visinskis said the platform is “specifically designed to combat these erosion of our privacy at a time when corporations, governments and other entities are becoming increasingly invasive in their surveillance tactics. The peer-to-peer platform will be completely open sourced — so (that means) no hidden code that can secretly do something you don’t want it to, and no hidden or central servers secretly collecting your data.”

The Mysterium platform, comprised of blockchain experts and IT industry professionals, will operate through an integrated trading platform called CORE, which will manage the give-and-take of services on the network through a proof of contribution protocol.