National Blockchain Roadmap Planned By Australian Govt

Blockchain, News | March 18, 2019 By:

The federal government of Australia is planning to develop a national blockchain roadmap to boost the country’s blockchain industry.

In a joint media release, Simon Birmingham, Minister for Trade, Tourism and Investment, and Karen Andrews, Minister for Industry, Science and Technology, said that the roadmap will focus on a number of policy areas, including regulation, skills and capacity building, innovation, investment, and international competitiveness and collaboration.

The ministries will reportedly work closely with blockchain and technology experts from industry and academia to develop the roadmap, as well as with CSIRO’s Data61 to incorporate findings from their forthcoming future scenarios report on blockchain.

“The national strategy puts us on the front foot in exploring how government and industry can enhance the long-term development of blockchain and its uses,” Minister Andrews said. “$100,000 funding will come through my department for Australian companies to join Austrade’s Mission to Consensus in New York in May, a landmark event for the blockchain industry, demonstrating the Morrison Government’s commitment to boosting this sector.”

Minister Birmingham said it is vital Australia and their tech companies stay ahead of the game in one of the world’s fastest growing technology sectors.

“Austrade’s upcoming mission will connect Australian blockchain companies and start-ups with investors and customers with a view to expanding their businesses globally,” Birmingham said. “Consensus is the leading event for blockchain globally and will present significant opportunities for Australian tech companies to showcase their products on the world-stage.”

Last year, the Australian government allocated $700,000 AUD ($521,000 USD) for the Digital Transformation Agency (DTA) to explore the use of blockchain for government services. The agency researched how blockchain is being used around the world in public and private sectors as well as existing case studies from Australian government agencies.