NEO Becomes .NET Foundation’s First Blockchain Member

Blockchain, News | September 25, 2019 By:

Blockchain platform NEO has become the first blockchain project to join the .NET Foundation, the Microsoft-created, globally leading open-source foundation.

Launched in 2014, Neo, formerly AntShares, was created as a blockchain application platform, and a smart contract system called NeoContract. There are two cryptocurrencies used in the Neo network: NeoGas (GAS), which is used to execute apps, and NEO, which is used for management purposes, such as voting on the platform. Like a publicly traded company, each Neo represents one vote, which is the reason it cannot be divided. It has a market cap of around $8.1 billion, making it the seventh-largest cryptocurrency.

The .NET Foundation is an organization incorporated in 2014 to improve open-source software development and collaboration around the .NET Framework. The foundation is license-agnostic, and projects that come to the foundation are free to choose any open-source license, as defined by the Open Source Initiative (OSI).

NEo said that they decided to join the .NET Foundation to open doors for software developers of the prominent open-source platform to experience NEO’s decentralized toolkit and to develop the foundation for the next-generation Internet.

“As the first blockchain project to join the .NET Foundation, we’re excited to come together based on our shared commitment to open-source, to developers, and to world-wide community collaboration,” said John deVadoss, Head of NGD Seattle.

The partnership comes after NEO’s release of Blockchain Toolkit for .NET and NEO Express. The solutions aim to jump start smart contract development and accelerate the creation of innovative dApps.

“We are very glad to be the first blockchain project joining the .NET Foundation,” said Erik Zhang, Founder of NEO. “Moving forward, we anticipate closely collaborating with the .NET Foundation to deliver the most developer-friendly blockchain infrastructure for .NET developers — as exemplified by our recently launched NEO Blockchain Toolkit for .NET.”