Netcoins plans to bring virtual bitcoin ATMs to the US and Europe

Announcements | February 25, 2016 By:

Netcoins announced it is looking at expanding its reach into the wider US market and Europe.

Netcoins announced in January that it has launched its first series of “virtual” Bitcoin ATMs starting in participating stores in western Canada. It said that it is in the midst of a Canadian rollout with plans to launch in Toronto soon, and is currently accepting a waitlist for stores in the US.

According to CEO Michael Vogel, Netcoins is adding new merchants all the time with US and European launches ‘imminent’. The company is working with retailers worldwide and accepting signups for stores, regardless of the country they belong to, that want free access to a Netcoins virtual Bitcoin ATM in their stores.

“Netcoins solves the five barriers that prevent most retailers from installing a Bitcoin ATM: machine price, regulatory, Bitcoin inventory, physical space, and machine maintenance. We also have the ability to delivery Bitcoin via email, which is popular for newcomers to Bitcoin that often are confused about which Bitcoin wallet to use,” said Vogel.

Netcoins is a Bitcoin ATM company founded in 2014.