Netki to launch SSL certificate for blockchain

FinTech | May 19, 2016 By:

Netki has announced that it is releasing a new version of identification certificate to enhance reliability and confidentiality of transactions.

According to Netki CEO and co-founder Justin Newton, the current BIP70 protocol, which allows the participants of a blockchain transaction to exchange information related to the payment, only implies one single identity confirmation: the digital wallet provider of the recipient should send its certificate. With the new BIP75 protocol, the sender of the payment may also provide their certificate to the recipient. Thus, both parties, if they want, can pass each other information about themselves before the transaction.

“One of the things about the way we built the solution with identity not stored on the blockchain, is that one identity certificate can work across every blockchain you work on. As we start to go into a world where we see that most people will be operating on more than one public or private blockchain, we see that this provides more flexibility than a siloed identity system that requires you to re-verify yourself,” said Newton.

Netki is a digital identity startup.