New Jersey Governor Signs Legislation To Establish Blockchain Initiative Task Force

News | August 12, 2019 By:

New Jersey has established a task force that will explore the merits of using blockchain technology to modernize government systems.

NJ Biz reported that New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy signed bill S2297, which is an act to create a blockchain initiative task force to study whether state, county, and municipal governments can benefit from a transition to a blockchain-based system for recordkeeping and service delivery.

“Growing New Jersey’s innovation economy will take more than just new and smart government policy,” said Governor Murphy. “It will also require new and smart infrastructure that enables businesses and governments to work with greater speed and efficiency, as well as a collaborative way of thinking that includes government, higher education, and the private sector. These two important bills go a long way toward accomplishing those goals.”

The task force will be headed by Chris Rein, New Jersey Chief Technology Officer, and will contain 14 members who are appointed by officials in various positions of government. Within 180 days of its initial meeting, the task force will issue a report, which will include the costs and benefits of government agencies utilizing blockchain technology and recommendations concerning the feasibility of implementation.

“I am excited to evaluate and help shape how our state government can best use, and optimize, blockchain technology” said Rein. “The promise it holds could support Governor Murphy’s priorities for efficient government and innovation.”

Senator James Beach, one of the bill’s primary sponsors, said that blockchain is a technological innovation that can provide protection from hackers.

“I believe that whatever the taskforce decides, there is a place for blockchain to be used in local governments to protect them from the ever increasing dangers of the Internet,” Beach said.