NFT Horse Racing Metaverse Oly Sport Raises $2M To Turn Virtual Assets Into Real Ones

Announcements, Blockchain, Investing, News | November 2, 2021 By:

OLY Sport, a NFT-powered asset-backed virtual horse racing platform where players can earn real world assets for their virtual endeavors, has raised $2 million in its strategic sales round lasting 10 days, joined by leading blockchain investors.

More than ten strategic investors participated in the round, which was led by BSCStation (the global NFT launchpad for top GameFi projects on the blockchain game market). Other investors in the round included X21, Everse Capital, Genblock Capital, Redkite, Halvings Capital, Basics Capital, Reblock, Onebit Ventures, BV Capital, G. Crypto, ZBS Capital, and VBC Ventures.

This round will serve as Oly Sport’s launchpad for its upcoming IDO on November 2 & 6, where the platform’s $OLY token will make its market debut at $0.06 per token. The team is on track to have the game launched in December 2021.

In the OLY Sport game, players can purchase NFT horses, each with unique DNA, land, racetracks and more.
Players can race their horses with the winners entering a prize pool. Horses can also be studded out, bred and traded on the open market. The NFT real-estate assets in the metaverse are backed by real-life assets. Those who purchase land and racetracks in the virtual world will also be purchasing fractional shares of land and racetracks in the real world.

Oly Sport was founded by Jimmy Chan and Alex Chan, both are alumni from Schulich School of Business, York University. Alex worked in the software industry for five years; helping companies like 500px and Fiix Software secure exits. Jimmy is best known for founding Odyssey 3D (O3D), a top-1% globally ranked real estate virtual reality and 3D modeling company in Toronto. After winning first prize at the Schulich Start Up Night pitch competition in 2016, the company garnered a large following in and around Toronto, ultimately growing into one of the leading virtual real estate marketing companies in Toronto, Canada. Their vision for Oly Sport is to connect people as a global collective in order to solve the global threats that lie ahead.

“What humanity does in the next 10-20 years will determine the survival of our species. Ideas like Oly Sport’s metaverse will unify the global finance and real estate market – creating a common ground for people to relate, connect, and work together to solve global challenges.”, said Chan.

Chan wants to accomplish this with his bold vision. He describes, “In the future, brick & mortar banking will be obsolete, real estate can be purchased in percentage shares by people around the world, and investors can make a living playing video games. Oly Sport will be the go-to platform to entertain, connect, and live.”

NFT gaming has exploded in popularity alongside the rise of blockchain technology, with the gaming market expected to eclipse $180 billion by the end of this year. Combining the traditional finance and real estate industries, Oly Sport is looking to disrupt a trillion dollar plus combined market.