NFT Platform Curio Raises $1.2M USD In Seed Funding

Blockchain, Investing, News | March 8, 2021 By:

Non-fungible tokens (NFT) platform Curio has raised $1.2 million in a seed funding round led by Future Perfect Ventures with participation from A195 Capital, LongHash Ventures, MoonWhale Ventures, and several others including former Time Inc CEO and former Fox Entertainment executive, Rich Battista.

Curio delivers a new universe for fandom through digital collectibles, driven by NFT technology. They create digital collectibles offering a sense of ownership, emotional connections, and a space for modern fan clubs and collectors to thrive. Curio’s unique value is bringing innovative, cutting-edge engagement opportunities to delight fans and provide them with new ways to extend their relationship with brands.

The funding will be used to expand Curio’s team and operations, and further develop its proprietary technology. As a part of the investment, Curio will accelerate its integration with Filecoin and Polygon (formerly Matic) to enhance the functionality of the platform for entertainment brands interested in creating NFTs.

“Curio is building an impressive, robust platform that is enabling entertainment, media and sports brands to create officially licensed digital collectibles, connecting fans to content and characters in a more meaningful way,” said Rich Battista. “I believe the opportunity is massive for the entertainment and media ecosystem as Curio’s NFTs unlock immersive and unique digital experiences that weren’t feasible until now, further delighting passionate fan bases.”

Juan M. Hernandez, CEO of Curio, said that Curio is on a mission to usher in the future of fandom, providing deeper emotional connections with their biggest fans.

“The modern fan expects to be able to do more with the things they love. We enable engaged digital natives to own a piece of the action wherever they go, in a manner that is certified and authentic,” Hernandez said.