NFT Platform Voice Enters A New Era With A New Creator NFT Residency And Multichain Connections

Announcements, Blockchain, News | March 4, 2022 By:

This month, Voice, the NFT platform for creators, is officially exiting beta and launching publicly. This strategy fulfills the platform’s larger mission to make NFTs accessible and eco-friendly, while enabling crypto artists to find their audience and community, whichever chain they might live on.

Ensuring that creators continue to see the value and returns from their work, the addition of multichain to the Voice platform will ensure accessibility and connectivity across the NFT ecosystem. By targeting EOSIO-based blockchains before moving to Ethereum side chains in the future, Voice aims to remain environmentally conscious on the Proof of Stake (POS) blockchain. Through the new multichain enablement, users can:

  • Utilize the benefits of having their NFTs on multiple blockchains or platforms. This ensures that their NFTs aren’t locked to a single chain and allowing access to a variety of marketplaces. Though multichain, Voice users will be able to move NFTs to wallets like Anchor, Metamask, Rainbow, and more, and marketplaces like AtomicHub, Magic Eden, OpenSea, etc.
  • Send an NFT to a separate chain within a few clicks. By selecting a destination, the users token is conveyed to their crypto wallet on their chosen target chain. They will then be able to transact on that chain as if the NFT were created there, without the NFT losing its value.

The new feature continues Voice’s mission to empower creators by ensuring that they continue to see the value and returns from their work.

In addition to launching on multichain, Voice invites emerging creators to join the second season of their virtual NFT Residency. As a resident, creators will transform a body of work that they’ve wanted to make – or have already made – into an NFT collection. The collections will cover themes that connect our creators to the world’s most pertinent topics. Voice will guide residents through the process, all the way from onboarding through building and launching a powerful NFT project.