NFT: Three Environmentally Friendly Artists to Keep On Your Radar for Earth Month

Blockchain, News | April 21, 2022 By:

April is Earth Month, and while we’re all thinking more about our carbon footprint this month in particular, these three artists keep the environment in mind every day. From utilizing upcycled materials and biological matter to shedding light on deforestation and climate change, you’ll want to keep these artists on your radar.

  • Tropical forests are highly intelligent systems that are being actively and aggressively cut down. Chris Palm photographs these forests in Ecuador, specifically the organic fractal patterns he comes across in these ecosystems, capturing signs of consciousness. All proceeds from his photographs go to the Tree Talk Foundation that works in areas of reforestation and as an incubator for forest medicine and alternative business models.
  • Garret Kane is a sculptor, animator, and writer based in Brooklyn, New York. His practice utilizes biological matter, traditional and 3D printed materials, animation, film, and writing, combining them to create hybrid works that fuse nature and technology. This process and unification of disparate mediums suggests how we are all connected and part of a continuum. His different series touch on themes of over-consumption, climate change, and the advancement or declining of humanity.
  • Marissa Sher is a Brooklyn-based video artist, builder and capturer of small-scale sculptures made from found and upcycled materials. Her climate-based work featured in CHANGE, the permanent collection aboard the National Geographic Endurance.

Each of these artists currently have environmentally friendly NFTs on Voice, the NFT platform for creators. In honor of Earth Month, Voice has pledged to plant a tree for every NFT created on their platform during the month of April, supporting reforestation efforts that have a long-term impact on rebuilding the Earth’s overall health. The pledge is part of the platform’s commitment to leading the way in future proofing Web3 and the creator economy.