North Korean Dissident Group To Sell Ethereum-Based Post Liberation Visas

Blockchain, News | March 22, 2019 By:

Cheollima Civil Defense (CCD), a dissident group of North Korean political “anarchists,” will be selling “post-liberation blockchain visas” to raise funds for overthrowing North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

CCD first rose to prominence in 2017 for protecting Kim Han-sol – the son of Kim Jong-nam who was assassinated in Kuala Lumpur, purportedly by North Korean agents – away from Macau. With the assassination, calls grew for the need to save the lives of Jong-nam’s immediate family. The group has been touted as a potential suspect in last month’s alleged “raid” on a Pyongyang embassy in Madrid, which saw items stolen and staff members attacked.

On its website, CCD advertised that it would sell 200,000 blockchain-based visas to visit Free Joseon – the name the group plans to give North Korea upon its liberation. The visas will be issued in the form of non-fungible ERC-721 tokens, called G-VISA, on the ethereum blockchain. The price, for the first one thousand visas, will be 1 ETH. Each G-VISA has a 45-day stay and is allowed one entry. All the visas will expire on March 1, 2029. The visa issuance process will kick off on March 24.

“Each G-VISA is assigned an incrementing ID Number in the order it was purchased for example Visa #1, Visa #2, Visa #3,” the group said. “A specfic number cannot be requested although it may be available on or other ERC-721 marketplaces. The issuance ID number is permanent and unique to each G-VISA.”

The group said that ownership of one or more G-VISAs should be considered a contribution to the movement and should not be used for speculative or fiduciary purposes. CCD has it made it clear that one of its aims is to inspire internal resistance, calling on North Koreans to “defy your oppressors” and “challenge them openly or resist them quietly”