NW Blockchain Limited, Newater Technology Partner To Develop Blockchain Solutions For Wastewater Treatment

Announcements, Blockchain | January 17, 2018 By:

Newater Technology has partnered with NW Blockchain Limited (NWBL) to jointly develop blockchain applications for the wastewater treatment industry.

Wastewater treatment is a process used to convert wastewater into an effluent (outflowing of water to a receiving body of water) that can be returned to the water cycle with minimal impact on the environment or directly reused. The latter is called water reclamation, because treated wastewater can then be used for other purposes.

Based in China, Newater specializes in the development, manufacture and sale of DTRO (Disk Tube Reverse Osmosis) and DTNF (Disk Tube Nano-Filtration) membranes for wastewater treatment, recycling, and discharge. The company claimed to have completed more than 60 wastewater treatment projects in China.

NWBL is focused on environmental protection and atmospheric management using blockchain technology.

Both companies will work together to utilize blockchain technology in the wastewater treatment industry to develop a new value-based exchange network. They will focus on building a traceable, transparent, and highly-secured platform for wastewater treatment opportunities and transactions. The companies also plan to develop a blockchain token system that will be backed by the assets and the revenues from the wastewater treatment projects invested by NWBL.

For each wastewater treatment project identified by both partners, NWBL will fund the project and purchase the wastewater treatment equipment from the company. The company will then manage and operate those projects. During the lifetime of the project, NWBL will pay the company 20% of the project proceeds for managing and operating the project annually.