ODX Aiming For Data-Free World

Innovation | October 14, 2018 By:

 In markets like the Philippines, giant sites like Facebook are considered the internet because they are data-free. Since most people do not have access to paid internet 80% of the time, these tech giants become their default internet window into the world. It is the only thing they can access when they have no mobile data.

Similarly, the default option for messenger is Viber because it launched data-free.

Due to access restrictions and data expenses, only one out of ten individuals has regular Internet access in emerging markets. Apps that are offered data-free, like Facebook and Viber, often become the dominant apps in that market.

Retailers and e-commerce providers are losing revenue and the opportunity to grow relationships with their consumers due to lack of internet use on behalf of consumers.

Across emerging markets, offering applications free is what gets users on your platform. Big publishers already understand this. Facebook, Viber, Google Maps, Spotify, and Hike Messenger have capitalized on this phenomena by offering their services free of charge. I founded Open Data Exchange (ODX) to solve the problem of limited Internet access in emerging markets.

Blockchain technology is the ideal foundation for ODX. Blockchain offers fully transparent and secure transactions that will allow any publisher, regardless of size, to integrate with any internet service provider (ISP) without discrimination, equalizing the playing field across the value chain.

I am excited to share that ODX is off to a strong start with over 50 partners already on board.

  Beyond publishers, ODX is partnering with YouDeal, the world’s largest peer-to-peer service global marketplace and Alto.io, the largest network of blockchain game developers in the world. YouDeal has over 50 million users, 7 million sellers, 100 million orders, and services 400 cities covered. With their sights on Southeast Asia, they are partnering with ODX to bring free Internet to their global customers. The Alto/ODX partnership will bring millions of people numerous high-quality mobile game selections.

ODX is bringing us closer to a data-free world. I envision emerging markets, and everyone worldwide, having equal, frictionless, and free access to the web. My team is excited to be at the forefront of this much-needed solution.