Once cryptocurrencies begin to displace the national currencies, governments will ban them – Kaspersky Lab

Regulation | December 22, 2015 By:

According to Evgeny Kaspersky, the head of the largest privately-owned cybersecurity company and international Software security group Kaspersky Lab, once cryptocurrencies develop to be able to replace the national currency governments would ban it immediately.

“I believe that cryptocurrency is a great invention, but geopolitically this world is not ready to use it yet. If there was a unite government and the world was united in a single Society – then cryptocurrency would work very well in such a world. This is the future,” said Kaspersky.

However, Evgeny Kaspersky mentioned that once cryptocurrencies develop to the point where they can replace national currencies, governments will ban them immediately.

“I am more than sure that different countries will take turns to prohibit the use of cryptocurrency because they can’t control it. As long as [cryptocurrencies] do not interfere, authorities won’t pay attention. Once [cryptocurrencies] begin to displace the national currencies – they will be immediately banned,” added Kaspersky.