Onchain Custodian Announces Its Crypto Custody Platform

Announcements, News | April 2, 2019 By:

Onchain Custodian (ONC) has announced that it will be launching its digital asset custody platform at the upcoming Chain Plus Asia Pacific Blockchain New Finance Summit.

Backed by Sequoia, Fosun and DHVC, Onchain Custodian is a Singapore-based digital asset custodian that claims to have developed a comprehensive online platform to secure digital asset investments with customizable custody solutions and institutional grade security and controls. Its digital asset custody platform, dubbed SAFE, is designed to meet the possible futures of digital asset custody. It supports mainstream cryptocurrencies and tokens, and will evolve swiftly to handle securities tokens and stablecoins as the regulation and industry develop.

The Chain Plus Asia Pacific Blockchain New Finance Summit, which will be held from April 11-12 in Singapore, is expected to attract high profile VIP guests from around Asia. During the event, ONC will speak and demonstrate its digital asset custody platform. According to ONC, their objective is to secure and automate digital asset custody through innovation, but also with industry standardization in mind.

“Third-party custody is one of the fundamental pillars needed to drive mainstream adoption of tokenized assets,” said Da Hongfei, Board Chair of ONC. “Onchain Custodian is contributing this important piece of infrastructure to the digital asset economy.”

“Onchain Custodian aims to bring peace of mind to customers who should only be concerned by the growth of their business,” added Alexandre Kech, CEO of ONC. “ONC focuses on securing their digital assets to allow them to do exactly that!”