Open-Source Database For Cryptoassets Launched By Crypto Research Firm Messari

News | November 28, 2018 By:

Crypto data and research tools provider Messari has officially launched its open-source disclosures registry for basic cryptocurrency information.

Based in New York, Messari is a company that aims to promote transparency in the cryptoasset community by providing an open-source library to help make sense of the industry. In March of this year, the company secured early-stage seed funding to create the crypto-equivalent of US Securities and Exchange Commission’s EDGAR database, which contains a wealth of information about the commission and the securities industry that is freely available to the public via the Internet.

In a press release, Messari announced that it has launched its open-source disclosures registry with 12 initial partners. These include Aurora (IDEX), Aion, Blockstack, Civic, Decent, District0x, Mainframe, Melonport, Metronome, Ocean Protocol, Tierion and Zilliqa. These companies will voluntarily disclose basic information regarding their token design, supply details, technology audits, official communication channels, and relevant team members, investors, and advisors. Partner’s profiles will be freely accessed industry-wide to provide a reliable, standardized resource to industry participants.

“We are thrilled to have such a dynamic, global group of projects joining our disclosures registry,” said Messari CEO, Ryan Selkis. “These teams understand the importance of transparency to their specific communities as well as to the broader global cryptoasset ecosystem.”

The objective of the registry is to drive common standards for investor protection and industry self-governance
that can cross borders. It will help token projects to communicate material updates with both their existing
communities and external stakeholders in a single, standardized interface. Messari validates project data and provides free access to disclosures via an open API that allows third-party services to rally around one universal cryptoasset disclosures library.

“The crypto economy will only reach its full potential when users believe they are participating in fair, safe and efficient markets, and these projects share our vision that the information they provide should remain freely accessible to all market participants, rather than locked behind the paywall of any single data provider,” Selkis said.

Messari is planning to distribute registry data freely to a number of crypto service providers who have expressed interest in using this data for their own token diligence and end user resources. Initially, Messari will be the sole validator of registry data, but it is inviting third-parties to join the project.

“Following our core tenet of transparency, IDEX is excited to both support and participate in the Messari Registry,” said Alex Wearn, CEO of Aurora. “We will leverage their open-source library to not only provide more clarity into our own project’s tokens, but also to educate our customers with consistent and reliable information on other registered tokens within the IDEX exchange itself. We believe that enforcing transparency standards among token projects and making this information accessible will be critical in mitigating the opaque and inconsistent practices we are seeing with digital assets today.”