OpenBazaar unveils roadmap and upcoming features

Announcements | May 12, 2016 By:

OpenBazaar announced a long-term roadmap in a bid to become a global leader in censorship-resistant trade.

The developers of OpenBazaar say the roadmap goals are an “ambitious destination” that will likely take 1-2 years. The team tells the community the project is fully open source and users are invited to join the Slack group to help contribute. Additionally, they write the roadmap is called “high level” and some expansions include “important platforms such as mobile.” The outline detailed in the OpenBazaar blog says there constant ongoing commitments of which some are short term, medium, and long-term goals.

Plans include the deployment of private listings, job postings, a built-in social network, and integrations with the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) and the anonymizing Tor network. The team is also planning to release a mobile app.

“OpenBazaar is and always was a mammoth project with an ambitious goal to become the backbone of global commerce. Every marathon begins with the first step,” said OpenBazaar.

OpenBazaar is a bitcoin-powered marketplace.