Opera’s Ethereum Wallet Now Allows Users To Send Crypto Collectibles

Announcements, News | September 10, 2018 By:

Opera web browser’s built-in crypto wallet now allows users to send CryptoKitties and other crypto collectibles to their friends.

Opera announced last week that its in-browser crypto wallet, which supports both ether and other ERC-20 tokens, has added support for a “curated list of ERC-721 Unique Tokens/Collectibles,” allowing users to send crypto collectibles directly from the wallet to the person they want to.

“These digital things are known in the crypto world as “collectibles”, “unique tokens” or “non-fungible tokens or NIFTYs, Opera said. “Even though they are still at an early stage of adoption, you can already collect unique baseball cards or CryptoKitties and store them in your crypto wallet. We believe this is only the beginning of this trend and that, as technology and usability improves, more online games and other services will adopt such tokens. We also see the possibility for these unique tokens to unlock access to content or verify eligibility for certain digital services.”

Crypto collectible like CryptoKitties is a cryptographically unique, non-fungible digital asset. Unlike cryptocurrencies, which require all tokens to be identical, each crypto-collectible token is unique or limited in quantity. Each token has variations in specific attributes and there are limits to the number of tokens that can be generated. It previously required use of a digital marketplace and an exchange transaction to transfer ownership.

“We have changed this and made sending crypto collectibles as easy as sending money via Venmo in the US or Vipps or Swish in Scandinavian countries,” Opera said. “We feel this makes them more tangible from a user’s perspective. Anyone who has used other wallets and tried to send a collectible to anyone else will notice that both our updates are significant improvements that make using crypto collectibles both easier and more fun, which might speed up the adoption by a larger audience in the future.”

Opera also announced that it will be expanding the private beta of the wallet to an even wider audience via on online signup. It will also provide transaction notifications, which will track the user’s transactions and notify them about their progress and completion. The same applies for users receiving a payment, a token or a collectible. They will get notified that there is something new in their wallets.