Orbs Testnet Comes Online In Advance Of Full Platform Release

Announcements, Blockchain, Innovation | December 24, 2018 By:

Hybrid blockchain Orbs has launched Gamma, a local testing environment that enables developers to prepare for the launch of the Orbs production platform.

Orbs is a universal blockchain productivity layer that complements and scales base-layer protocols. With built-in interoperability features, Orbs empowers decentralized applications and businesses looking for a sustainable stacking solution. Orbs is a customizable public blockchain allowing flexibility for the ever-evolving needs of real businesses through blockchain virtualization that provides the benefits of a dedicated blockchain while running on top of a shared physical infrastructure.

In addition, Orbs will be launching a new command line interface, “Gamma-cli,” enabling developers to interact with their personal Orbs Blockchain and design partners to access the full testnet. Gamma will create a local blockchain on each machine to allow developers to write and test smart contracts using the Orbs Smart Contract SDK.

The launch of Gamma comes in the build up to the release of the full production layer in early 2019 enabling developers and businesses to begin testing the platform.

“We have seen a tremendous swell of excitement in Orbs that has only grown as we approach the production launch in 2019,” said Daniel Peled, President and Co-Founder of Orbs. “Our focus remains on creating the optimal platform for building large-scale applications and to help improve this process, we wanted to give partners and developers the time they need to test and learn on our system. By leveraging the period ahead of the launch to work closely with partners and developers, we can help them gain the maximum benefit from being among the early adopters of Orbs.”

Earlier this month, Orbs released the company’s product roadmap.