The Proof Of Trust & Assurance Launches New DeFi Product, ASTRA

Announcements, Blockchain, News | June 10, 2021 By:

The Proof of Trust & Assurance, the world’s first globally patented smart contract validation platform, has announced the launch of its new ASTRA product, which will provide a security layer on public blockchains to support the growth of decentralized finance (DeFi).

The ASTRA platform will utilize the company’s globally patented protocol to provide a decentralized legal assurance layer for traditional financial institutions and existing members of the DeFi ecosystem wishing to harness the power of decentralized systems more safely.


ICHI Provides Stability To Booming Crypto Market

Blockchain, News | June 4, 2021 By:

Amid the recent market volatility and as cryptocurrencies move into the mainstream, the demand for stablecoins surged past $100 billion last week. But with this incredible growth there is also growing skepticism over the assets backing coins like Tether and a greater understanding that existing stablecoins are not mitigating risk but simply shifting it.