Pangea Blockchain Fund Secures $22M USD In Seed

Blockchain, Investing, News | February 28, 2019 By:

Switzerland-based Pangea Blockchain Fund has secured $22 million in its seed round and debuted its inaugural international fund focused on transformative blockchain solutions.

The firm’s seed round attracted a distinguished group of investors and limited partners, including Copernicus Asset Management SA (Copernicus), a Lugano-based financial services group, and owner Roger Ver. Copernicus is also acting as investment manager for the Fund.

Pangea Blockchain Fund will be offering intellectual and financial capital to exceptional early-stage blockchain companies from around the world. It will invest in entrepreneurs committed to building blockchain solutions that disrupt or transform the status quo. The firm expects fundraising to be capped at $200 million.

Blockchain Investment Advisory Sagl, Pangea Blockchain Fund’s investment adviser, is reportedly led by a group of established asset management and blockchain industry experts, including founders James Duplessie and William Duplessie. The firm’s US-based sub-adviser, Blockchain Investment Advisory LLC, is managed by Jason Bonayer, Stephen Duplessie, Philip Plough and Jeffrey Engel. They will be working together to position Pangea Blockchain Fund at the forefront of tech discoveries reshaping the world’s economic and social infrastructure.

Duplessie said that blockchain technology has the potential to change the nature of the systems that lie beneath the things we do every day and could be the greatest driver of value creation in our lifetime.

“Our team’s investment thesis is based on the profoundly important reality that blockchain will fundamentally alter the way society collaborates, transacts, governs and brings new concepts to life,” Duplessie said. “We have chosen the name ‘Pangea’ for our business – because it means ‘whole earth’ – highlighting our intention to use blockchain as a means to provide unifying and transformative change to the world.”

Maggie Rokkum-Testi, Chief Investment Officer of Copernicus, said that due to Pangea Blockchain Fund’s unique investment strategy and diverse understanding of both traditional and non-traditional markets, the Advisory teams are uniquely equipped to understand and capitalize on an opportunity of this magnitude.

“This technology will touch and transform every industry, from energy and public utilities to retail and healthcare,” said Rokkum-Testi. “We’re excited to be early partners and to play an active role in fostering the individuals and companies designing these new economic, social and political systems.”