People’s Bank of China Seeking Crypto Experts

Blockchain, FinTech, Innovation, News, Regulation | August 1, 2017 By:

In yet another sign that the Chinese government may be planning its own long cryptocurrency march, the People’s Bank of China is looking to hire some blockchain experts.

The Shanghai Daily reports that the PBoC has launched its own blockchain research institute and seeks to hire engineers. You must have a Masters or PhD in Computer Science or Information Security, with Big Data and blockchain experience preferred.

The move, for tea-leaf readers, is yet another sign of the love/hate relationship between the Chinese government and cryptocurrency. The government has alternately cracked down on exchanges and traders, and said it wants to develop its own state-run cryptocurrency as a way to weed the outlaws of crypto from capitalist roader plots.

 “The People’s Bank of China’s institute of printing science is offering six positions for the design and development of digital currency-related software and hardware framework,” said the recruiting pitch.

The PBoC’s vice-governor, Fan Yifei, published a Bloomberg column recently that talked about China creating its own cryptocurrency.