Perm State University opens first Russian blockchain laboratory

FinTech | April 28, 2016 By:

Perm State University (PSU) created a laboratory specifically designed to investigate the implications of blockchain and crypto-technologies.

The new research centre named “The Laboratory of Crypto-Economics and Blockchain Systems” will both create mathematical models and work on the practical implementation of the blockchain technology, reports Perm news agency “TEXT”.

The new research centre will explore a range of areas where crypto-technologies can be successfully applied, including settlements between banks and on exchanges, financial settlements in international holdings and groups, open electronic voting, copyright validation for digital content and electronic notarial procedures. The laboratory will also focus on modelling the microstructure of crypto-asset financial markets.

Perm State University is located in the city of Perm, Perm Krai, Russia. Founded in 1916, it claims to be one of the oldest universities in the Ural and eastern territories of Russia.