Polybird Token Exchange Adds Raj Dhanda To Advisory Board

Job Appointments | November 30, 2018 By:
Former Morgan Stanley capital markets chief Raj Dhanda, has joined the advisory board of blockchain tokenized assets exchange firm Polybird. 
Dhanda, who also was a a management committee member at Morgan Stanley, is currently the CEO of a commercial real estate private equity firm, Black Creek Group,  most recently serving as president.
Polybird Exchange is a global marketplace for tokenized assets that enables the issuance of digital tokens to raise equity and debt capital, and then allow trading of those tokens. Tokenizers can also list existing tokenized assets on the platform, such as equities, bonds, commodities, currencies and commercial real estate.
I see a strong promise in blockchain-based asset tokenization,” said Dhanda. “It will have a profound impact on global capital markets. Polybird is a very ambitious startup and it is pursuing what’s the next logical step in the evolution of financial markets.
Harish D. Gupta, Polybird CEO, said Dhanda “has a very strong macro perspective and a robust big-picture of global capital markets. Mr Dhanda’s addition to our board helps us bring a very strong institutional perspective across asset classes and more specifically in global fixed income, where Mr Dhanda spent a significant time. “