Populstay, Marlin Team For Better Blockchain Traveler Options

Announcements, Innovation | December 8, 2018 By:

Marlin and Populstay have partnered to bring decentralized travel options and home-sharing options to customers.

Populstay, a travel and home-sharing platform, has established reach across Asia, including over 2,000 hosts. Marlin is a blockchain network.

Marlin CMO Dean Pappas said Populstay “is a great example of a DApp that has a seamlessly amazing user experience from end-to-end. Our partnership helps maintain this user experience by providing a fault-tolerant uptime solution to their infrastructure and continues to expand the Marlin world of great partner applications.”

Periklis Ikonomidis, the CMO of PopulStay, said Marlin brings “reliable access. I’m excited to see this benefit not only us, but hundreds of dApps.”