Professional Fintech Course Offered By Georgetown University

Blockchain, Education | January 31, 2019 By:

FinTech Consortium, an incubator that aims to further the development and acceleration of the FinTech ecosystems, has partnered with Georgetown University to launch a development program in FinTech.

The program, a three-month online, interactive course, is specifically designed for professionals with at least two years of experience in financial services or technology. The course will focus on FinTech innovation, strategy, and entrepreneurship across different verticals, including digital banking, Islamic FinTech, blockchain applications, insurance technology and regulatory technology (RegTech).

The three-month program comprises seven modules and four case-studies designed by industry thought leaders, led by James Angel, Associate Professor of Finance in the McDonough School of Business at Georgetown University. During the program, participants will be able to learn how technological advancements, evolving consumer expectation and infrastructure are driving innovation in financial services. They will also learn how to develop their own FinTech solutions, strategies and pitch to prospective investors and financial institutions.

Angel, who has co-invented 12 FinTech patents, said that the financial services industry is undergoing a fundamental transformation, adding that new technologies, such as blockchain, “enable us to offer services, products and interact with consumers like we could never do before.”

“This 12 weeks Certificate Program brings together world class expertise in business education and the cutting edge of FinTech in business creation,” Angel said.

The program, which will be offered by Georgetown University twice a year, will commence on April 13. Applications must be completed and submitted online no later than March 31.