Publiq Introduces Blockchain Content Platform to Combat Fake News

Announcements, Blockchain, News | October 25, 2017 By:

Publiq is launching a blockchain-based content platform that aims to fight “fake news” and bias reporting.

Publiq is a non-profit foundation supporting and protecting the interests and rights of both authors and users while building and maintaining a free media environment. Publiq is building a decentralized independent communication platform for anyone who wants to post news and any type of articles.

The content platform is built on top of DECENT Network by an independent development team. The rewards distributed in Publiq are based on the reputation of the authors. Reputation is built exclusively from the views and feedback of its readers.

Publiq’s instant rewarding process encourages and incentivizes authors to share their talents with the world. Rewards are assigned on a daily basis to authors depending on their Publiq Score, i.e. a reputation-scoring system created entirely from the readers’ views and feedback. The evaluation system will allow authors to be more fairly rewarded, as well as praised or celebrated for their good work.

Publiq said its goal is to “overcome the massive flow of poor, fake and fabricated news” by offering a transparent rewarding process that incentivizes members to write quality content. Publiq aims to solve the numerous problems that have plagued the media industry including over centralization, unfair remunerations, poor customer experience and lack of quality content.

Publiq CEO Alexandre Tabbakh said that by creating a content distribution platform, they’re trying to tackle the tabloid journalism that is consumed daily.

“Propaganda and fake news are some of the main problems the media industry faces,” said Tabbakh. “We are creating an ecosystem of accredited authors with trusted reputations, and guarantee that only high quality content will be promoted over the platform. The merit-based distribution will result in a paradigm shift by unchaining the creative power of an individual to become a full participant of the economy of the future.”