Purse to launch new bitcoin ecommerce platform

Announcements | November 23, 2015 By:

Purse announced that it will soon be expanding their platform to allow anyone to sell goods for bitcoin on a new marketplace.

“Purse is not only the largest consumer marketplace in the world for Bitcoin but also the most experienced blockchain escrow agent. We’re leveraging our reputation system, network, and payments mechanism to expand the platform,” said Purse co-founder and CEO Andrew Lee.

The Purse marketplace will allow anyone to sell their goods online without the need for a merchant account from a payment processor because Bitcoin (and other altcoins via ShapeShift) will be used for payments. Unlike the other marketplace options coming out of the Bitcoin space, such as OpenBazaar and BitMarkets, Lee noted that Purse is focusing on “ease-of-use and customer satisfaction instead of total anonymity.”

Purse is a marketplace that connects users across the globe through decentralized commerce.