Restaurant Chain Church’s Chicken Now Accepts Cryptocurrency Dash In 10 Venezuelan Locations

Now Accepting | December 14, 2018 By:

International fast-food franchise Church’s Chicken is now accepting payments in cryptocurrency Dash at its ten Venezuelan locations.

Church’s Chicken is an American chain of fast food restaurants specializing in fried chicken. The company is the fourth largest chicken restaurant chain behind KFC, Popeyes, and Chick-fil-A, with more than 1,700 locations in 25 countries.

According to its announcement, Dash has been integrated as a payment option in ten of the 13 Church’s franchises in Venezuela. The integration was reportedly made possible through a joint effort from Dash Venezuela and the Dash Core team’s business development department.

“The Dash Venezuela and Dash Core Group teams have been instrumental in helping us adapt our payment systems, staff training, and providing counsel on all essential internal and legal processes for this integration, helping us become a global pioneer franchise in terms of accepting cryptocurrencies as a payment method,” said Church’s Chicken Venezuela’s General Manager Orlando Gustavo Navas. “This integration was the result of our trust in Dash and its role as a growth agent in this new financial world – a system which can be successful in any market across any number of different industries.”

Dash is an e-commerce and payments-focused cryptocurrency that allows users to make instant payments online or in-store. Currently, over 4,400 businesses accepting Dash are listed on DiscoverDash, with nearly 2,500 located in Venezuela alone.

Bradley Zastrow, Global Head of Business Development for the Dash Core team, said that being an exclusive cryptocurrency payment for Church’s Chicken in Venezuela is further evidence that Dash leads the way in digital payments.

“The Dash Venezuela team has done an incredible job fostering this emerging ecosystem on the ground, and it’s exciting to be integrating with a major national food chain at the franchise level, or the first time in Dash history,” said Zastrow. “Like many great initiatives, the seeds for this partnership were planted in an earlier conference event held by the Dash Venezuela team. They kicked off the initial conversations, with Dash Core coming in later to help support and finalize the partnership.”

The news came after KFC Venezuela denied rumors that it will start accepting Dash as a payment option. Antonio Sampayo, CEO of KFC Venezuela, said that KFC had discussed a crypto test with Dash, but no firm agreements have yet been made. He also clarified that processing payments with Dash “is not a fact, nor has the publication of any news about it been authorized.”

Dash Merchant Venezuela retracted their earlier statement and posted a public apology on its Twitter account.

“We want to make a public apology from Dash Merchant Venezuela management, regarding earlier media reports on our relationship with KFC Venezuela, and our efforts for Dash to be accepted as a form of payment,” said Dash. “Unfortunately, the message released was premature and reflected our optimism instead of the current state of our discussions with KFC Venezuela. We regret the error and would like to apologize to KFC Venezuela, their directors, and the general public. We take full responsibility for the miscommunication.”