Ribbit.me to launch Marketplace.life with partnership with Spendabit

Announcements | May 12, 2015 By:

On Thursday, May 7, Ribbit.me announced partnership with Spendabit as they launch Marketplace.life.

“Spendabit’s expansive retail network is an ideal access point for Marketplace.life shoppers who want to spend Bitcoin. We are continuously working on new features that will allow the customer to be able to use Marketplace.life as their primary shopping hub,” said Ribbit.me COO Zlatko Bijelic.

Marketplace.life is free to use, accepts both fiat and digital currencies, and a percentage of RibbitRewards go to buyers, sellers, and to charity.

Ribbit.me is a blockchain based rewards program. Spendabit is a search engine that specializes in finding users items that can be bought with Bitcoin.