Russian Region Conducts Blockchain Election For Local Youth Parliament

Blockchain, News | December 19, 2018 By:

The government of Saratov Oblast, a region located in the southeast of Russia, has successfully conducted a blockchain election with 15,000 participants.

The blockchain election was reportedly held to determine the members of the Youth Parliament in the local Duma. The election was conducted in over 45 Saratov-region constituencies with 110 polling booths, in which almost 15,000 out of 40,000 declared citizens cast their ballots. According to the government, the entire process took seven hours from start to finish, including the time required to count votes and process the results.

The participants voted via an electronic polling system called Polys, which was developed by cybersecurity company Kaspersky Labs. Based on ethereum smart contracts, Polys provides anyone with the ability to conduct secure, anonymous and scalable online voting, with results that cannot be altered by participants or organizers.

Victoria Belikova, the chairman of Saratov’s youth elections commission, said that during the election voters were also asked whether they would like to use blockchain voting systems in the future, rather than use conventional paper ballots, with 83 percent of participants answering “yes.”

“Blockchain eliminates the possibility of fraud, manipulation of results or an artificial increase in the number of votes,” said Belikova. “During the voting an encryption mechanism is used, making it impossible to track the identity of a voter along with the results of his choice.”