Safe Cash Payment Technologies partners with CleverCoin to create digital Euro based on the bitcoin tech

Innovation | November 11, 2015 By:

Safe Cash Payment Technologies announced partnership with CleverCoin to create digital Euro using the blockchain.

The company’s goal is to create new instant payment functionality to consumers with the EU. Using CleverCoin’s API to integrate with Lemon Way’s mobile payment solutions will create an interesting hybrid solution that brings the digital Euro into the EU banking system.

Starting in Q1 of 2016, both businesses and consumers can convert Euros into digital cash. Safe.Cash, as this new platform will be called, respects privacy of all parties involved while using the universal acceptance of cash euros. The entire process will benefit from the digital portability and security associated with cryptocurrency.

“Safe.Cash is fully committed to serving the mainstream banking world. Our platform is designed to solve crucial pain points and remove unnecessary friction from the existing system. Eventually, we aim to power banks around the globe, supporting euros, U.S. dollars, and all other fiat currencies, as well as asset-backed and loyalty products,” said Safe.Cash founder Chris Kitze.

Safe Cash will be the first of many tools to unify traditional banking with Bitcoin technology over the next few years.

Safe Cash is a state-of-the-art digital payment technology that is available to banks, merchants and consumers, worldwide. CleverCoin is a Dutch bitcoin exchange.