SearchTrade to launch a search platform with bitcoin reward

Announcements | October 5, 2015 By:

SearchTrade announced it is set to launch a search platform that will reward its users with bitcoin. It has introduced a system whereby the search user, keyword owner, app owner and advertisers can gain from the search process by using bitcoin.

The internet search platform utilizes bitcoin micro-payments to share profits with all its users ranging from ordinary internet user to developers and entrepreneurs. The company has grand plans to revolutionize internet search with a system that’s more distributed, more equitable, and financially rewarding to users than the 800 pound gorilla that is Google search.

Vishal Gupta, CEO and Co-Founder of SearchTrade also pointed out that his platform can have a significant impact on mainstream bitcoin adoption. He reasons that most people know how to search, so the concept is much easier to understand than bitcoin.

SearchTrade, based in Singapore has raised over $44,000 in in the first week of it’s crowd-sale. SearchTrade claims they have developed a platform where all stakeholders will be able to share the profits generated from billions of searches that take place on the web everyday.

Searchtrade is an initiative which aims to revolutionize internet search industry and create a monetary platform which propagates greater competition and innovation in the space.