Security Grade Protective Services now accepting bitcoin payments

Now Accepting | February 5, 2016 By:

Security Grade Protective Services, Inc. announced it is now accepting Bitcoin as payment from their clients.

“New cost effective solutions for these up and coming cannabis businesses is a must. The company just launched its newest program T.A.P. (Total Accountability Program) last month and is constantly trying to diversify itself from the competition. The T.A.P. program is a new eyes on video surveillance program that is tailored to the cannabis industry, however is showing major potential for other retail establishments, such as mini-malls. Now, as another elaborate way to make life easier for cannabis clientele, the company is offering their clients to pay through a verified bitcoin wallet to offset high costs of service fees from other merchant credit card processors,” said Security Grade Protective Services CEO Derek Porter.

Porter added that bitcoin gives customers another safer option to pay them in an already risky and cash heavy industry. “Now they don’t have to touch the cash, furthermore, they don’t have to pay outrageous merchant service fees.”

Security Grade Protective Services, Inc. is a full service cannabis industry security firm based in Denver, CO.