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TitleJournalDate Published
Nobody Puts Blockchain in a Corner: The Disruptive Role of Blockchain Technology in the Financial Services Industry and Current Regulatory IssuesCatholic University Journal of Law and TechnologyMay 1, 2017
Bitcoin’s Growing Pains: Intermediation and the Need for an Effective Loss Allocation MechanismMichigan Business & Entrepreneurial Law Review2017
Off The Chain! A Guide to Blockchain Derivatives Markets and the Implications on Systemic RiskFordham Journal of Corporate & Financial LawJun. 23, 2017
Blockchain Receipts: Patentability and Admissibility in CourtChicago-Kent Journal of Intellectual PropertyJun. 21, 2017
Bitcoin and the Blockchain as Possible Corporate Governance Tools: Strengths and WeaknessesPenn State Journal of Law & International AffairsJun. 1, 2017
Bitcoin: Order without Law in the Digital AgeNorthwestern Public Law Research PapersMar. 13, 2017
The North Carolina State Tax Treatment of Virtual Currency: An Unanswered QuestionNorth Carolina Banking Institute JournalMar. 1, 2017
New Kids on the Blockchain: How Bitcoin’s Technology Could Reinvent the Stock MarketHastings Business Law Journal2016
Bringing Continuity to Cryptocurrency: Commercial Law as a Guide to the Asset Categorization of BitcoinSeattle University Law Review2016
Bitcoin: Hype or Harbinger?Journal of International Business and Law2016
The Commercial Law of Bitcoin and Blockchain TransactionsSuffolk University Law School Research PapersNov. 25, 2016
Protecting the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: “Exposure” Data Breaches and Suggestions for Coping with ThemBerkeley Technology Law JournalSep. 25, 2016
Using Bitcoin’s Blockchain Technology In Legal PracticeThe Columbia Science and Technology Law ReviewMar. 28, 2016
Understanding and Regulating Twenty-First Century Payment Systems: The Ripple Case StudyMichigan Law ReviewFeb. 1, 2016
The Block is Hot: A Survey of the State of Bitcoin Regulation and Suggestions for the FutureBerkeley Technology Law Journal2015
Fitting a Square Peg in a Round Hole: Bitcoin,Money Laundering, and the Fifth Amendment Privilege Against Self-IncriminationBrooklyn Law Review2015
Reaching Within Silk Road: The Need for a New Subpoena Power That Targets Illegal Bitcoin TransactionsBoston College Law ReviewDec. 1, 2015
Beyond Bitcoin: Issues in Regulating Blockchain TransactionsDuke Law JournalDec. 1, 2015
The Evolution of Giving: Considerations for Regulation of Cryptocurrency Donation DeductionsDuke Law & Technology ReviewNov. 1, 2015
Walking the Thirteenth Floor: The Taxation of Virtual EconomiesYale Journal of Law and TechnologySep. 1, 2015
Realm of the Coin: Bitcoin and Civil ProcedureFordham Journal of Corporate and Financial LawJun. 1, 2015
A Regulatory and Economic Perplexity: Bitcoin Needs Just a Bit of RegulationWashington University Journal of Law & PolicyJan. 1, 2015
Virtually Possible: How to Strengthen Bitcoin Regulation Within the Current Regulatory FrameworkNorth Carolina Law Review2014
Taxing and Regulating Bitcoin: The Government’s Game of Catch UpCommLaw Conspectus: Journal of Communications Law and Technology Policy2014
Speculative Tech: The Bitcoin Legal Quagmire & the Need for Legal InnovationJournal of Business & Technology Law2014
Smart Contracts, Bitcoin Bots, and Consumer ProtectionWashington and Lee Law Review2014
Regulating Cryptocurrencies in the United States: Current Issues and Future DirectionsWilliam Mitchell Law Review2014
Dynamic Common Law and Technological Change: The Classification of BitcoinWashington and Lee Law Review Online2014
Bitcoin: The Economic Case for a Global, Virtual Currency Operating in an Unexplored Legal FrameworkIndiana Journal of Global Legal Studies2014
Barter, Bearer, and Bitcoin: The Likely Future of Stateless Virtual MoneyThe University of Miami Business Law Review2014
Digital Money: Bitcoin’s Financial and Tax Future Despite Regulatory UncertaintyDePaul Law ReviewOct. 1, 2014
Kickstarter My Heart: Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowdfunding Constraints and Bitcoin BubblesWilliam & Mary Business Law ReviewApr. 1, 2014
Bitcoins: Technological Innovation or Emerging Threat?, 30 J. Marshall J. Info. Tech. & Privacy L. 535 (2014)John Marshall Journal of Information Technology & Privacy LawJan. 1, 2014
Beyond the Silk Road: Unregulated Decentralized Virtual Currencies Continue to Endanger US National Security and WelfareAmerican University National Security Law Brief2013
The Nature of the Form: Legal and Regulatory Issues Surrounding the Bitcoin Digital Currency SystemLouisiana Law ReviewAug. 1, 2013
Bitcoins: Hacker Cash or the Next Global Currency?Loyola Public Interest Law ReporterJan. 1, 2013
Nerdy Money: Bitcoin, the Private Digital Currency, and the Case Against its RegulationLoyola Consumer Law Review2012
More Money, More Problems: The Bitcoin Virtual Currency and the Legal Problems that Face ItCase Western Reserve Journal of Law, Technology & the Internet2012