SolarNow uses BitPesa’s services for efficient cross-border payments

Announcements | January 5, 2017 By:

SolarNow has begun using Kenya-based bitcoin remittance startup BitPesa’s service in order to handle overseas transactions as well as payments across their branches in Africa.

SolarNow provides solar energy and financing solutions throughout East Africa. They’re on a mission to make quality, affordable solar energy widely available.

The team at SolarNow makes frequent transactions between its bases in Uganda and Kenya, as well as overseas, to and from bank and mobile wallet accounts. Before BitPesa, the team relied on local banks for frequent transfers.

The results obtained after using BitPesa shown that its customer service proved superior with 75% faster response time. The transaction speed was significantly faster, moving from several days to several hours. The standard fees of $18-$20 per transaction were eliminated, thus saving the team significant costs on frequent small transactions.