South Korea Begins Training For Blockchain Experts

Blockchain, Education, News | September 5, 2018 By:

The South Korean government has commenced a six-month training course to turn its first batch of applicants into “blockchain specialists.”

Local media outlet Kinews reported that the South Korean Ministry of Science and Technology’s Information and Communications division hosted its very first blockchain-focused lecture on September 3. The training course is part of the ministry’s plans to cultivate 10,000 blockchain talents, and the Blockchain Technology Development Strategy fully funded by government. The course is aslo the result of the ministry’s partnership with Korean Standards Association (KSA) and Hong Kong-based blockchain and IoT startup Waltonchain.

The six-month course is scheduled for 8 hours per day, which aims to cultivate talents for immediate employment and entrepreneurship. After application collection and strict interview process, 42 applicants were selected to form two classes in the city of Seoul and Daejeon.

“We will provide a one-stop support for employment and business startups as well as education for the professional training of employees, and we will strengthen the building of a healthy blockchain ecosystem,” said Wang Sang Hyeong, secretary general of Waltonchain.

Before the first lecture, the selected students showed awareness and intent as well as the great concern for the blockchain industry during the self-introduction session at the entrance ceremony.

“I am going to be the Steve Jobs in blockchain industry within the next 10 years”, said one of the students in Seoul class when introducing himself in the ceremony.

Last month, the South Korean government unveiled its ‘growth through innovation’ investment plan for 2019. The government said that it will be spending a total of 5 trillion won ($4.4B USD) to nurture eight critical sectors of the domestic economy, including blockchain.