Spanish Tax Authority probes one bitcoin business for information

Regulation | November 11, 2015 By:

La Agencia Tributaria Española issued a bitcoin-ralated probe for information to Madrid-based, bitcoin-accepting law firm Abanlex, asking it to provide its bitcoin-related accounts.

“We request to know whether your business accepts bitcoin as a payment method for services offered or goods delivered. If so, we request to know the volume of bitcoin payments received to date as well as information and accounting documents for all bitcoin activity.” the agency said.

The request outlined that the bitcoin accepting business should reply within 10 working days, noting that failure to do so would result in further investigations and possible sanctions.

In response, Pablo Fernández Burgueño, partner at Abanlex, said the company had not yet received any payments in bitcoin, or other cryptocurrencies.

La Agencia Tributaria Española is a public agency of the Spanish government responsible for administering the tax system and state custom.