SyncBeat to develop social commerce solution for businesses and customers with Bitcoin

Announcements | September 9, 2015 By:

SyncBeat announced that it is developing a social commerce solution for businesses and customers that will make it easier and simpler for people to transact globally.

The company’s mobile app,, is part social media network, part payment service, and part global marketplace. Using the app will allow people to buy goods directly from businesses, send money to friends, and donate to charities with bitcoin-powered transactions, through social media websites like Facebook and Twitter.

The company plan to make the experience of loading money into your account much easier than current options, including bank accounts or credit cards. The company is also developing a wide network of businesses around the world, that have been vetted, which app users can buy goods from.

“We eliminate the need for emails or even a Bitcoin address. It’s so much simpler. There’s huge cost savings potential with using Bitcoin, but until now the process hasn’t been very user-friendly or efficient. We’re changing that,” said SyncBeat co-founder Joswell Valdez.

SyncBeat is an innovative mobile app aimed at delivering marketplace and instant payment closely tied in with social networking.