Synereo announces alpha release in September

Announcements | August 3, 2016 By:

Synereo announced the alpha release of its decentralized platform in September.

The platform will offer all the layers necessary to create dApps in the emerging decentralized economy. It will create fully distributed protocols and applications that would be truly scalable by being rooted in process calculus, a mathematical approach developed specifically to reason about distributed and parallel computing.

According to the CEO of Synereo, Dor Konforty, the first decentralized application of Synereo will be a social layer, which is part of a larger platform that would make required tools available for developers including designs and features to create fully decentralized applications. It “would underlie a completely new type of economy that is decentralized in nature where any agent on the net could connect with any other and communicate or exchange value directly without any type of middle man, knowing that by just mutually agreeing to use a protocol, they’re covered; the transaction is trustable.”

Synereo is a decentralized semi-autonomous social networking platform.