Synereo to launch second fundraising campaign

Investing | September 5, 2016 By:

Synereo has announced preparations for an additional fundraising campaign in the run-up to its upcoming alpha release.

Synereo will give a live demonstration of the alpha at a conference in Vancouver on September 9. The campaign, which is intended to move the company forward in developing a decentralized ecosystem, will begin the following week.

The call for investments will be facilitated with the help of, which allows investment in Synereo LTD via credit card, bank transfer, bitcoin, and a variety of altcoins. Qualified investors will be able to invest in, and receive shares of, Synereo LTD starting from a minimum investment of $1000.

Synereo hopes for a significant participation in the campaign which will ensure that the full launch of the Synereo platform comes about sooner and to enable the delivery a product of higher quality.

Synereo is a decentralized semi-autonomous social networking platform.