Widespread Adoption Of Blockchain Will Not Occur If Privacy and Security Are Not A Top Priority

Blockchain, News, Opinion | February 10, 2021 By:

The first few weeks of 2021 have seen an unprecedented surge in the interest of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies in particular: Bitcoin and Ethereum have soared to all-time-highs, while more investors than ever before have joined the market. These recent upward price movements have also drawn significant attention among mainstream outlets and institutional investors,


Algorand Launches Partner Program To Accelerate Enterprise Blockchain Adoption

Blockchain, News | November 23, 2020 By:

Blockchain startup Algorand has launched a new partner program designed to accelerate development and adoption of blockchain-powered products and services.

Founded by MIT professor and Turing Award winner Silvio Micali, Algorand is the inventor of an open-source, pure proof-of-stake blockchain protocol that enables the development of scalable blockchain-native solutions for real-world use cases.


Chinese Internet Giant Baidu Teams With Hainan Province To Accelerate Blockchain Adoption

Blockchain, News | February 22, 2019 By:

Chinese search engine giant Baidu is working with the Hainan province, the smallest and southernmost province of China, to broaden the adoption of blockchain technology.

In October 2018, Baidu partnered with the government of Hainan province and high-tech incubator Hainan Resort Software Community to establish a blockchain research center to promote the use of Baidu’s first decentralized ledger XuperChain.


Chilean Lawmakers Present Blockchain Adoption Resolution To Parliament

Blockchain, News | October 8, 2018 By:

Two Chilean lawmakers have presented a document to the lower house of Chile’s parliament last week for a blockchain resolution project.

Parliament members, Miguel Angel Calisto and Giorgio Jackson, have proposed to implement blockchain technology in different public areas and offices of the country to enhance the quality of cybersecurity and reduce bureaucratic processes.


Request Network Foundation, PwC France Partner To Advance Blockchain Adoption In French-Speaking Africa

Announcements, Blockchain | April 2, 2018 By:

The Request Network Foundation has teamed with PwC France to shape and develop the future of professional services using blockchain technology.

The Request Network Foundation promotes the adoption of blockchain by providing a framework which allows everyone to develop their own financial solutions based on the Request Network technology.