Bulgarian Officials Arrested For Selling Fake Passports For Bitcoin

Crime, News | November 6, 2018 By:

Three Bulgarian officials have been arrested for allegedly selling fake passports and European Union citizenship for bitcoins.

Local news outlet Nova reported that Petar Haralampiev, Chief Secretary and the Head of the State Agency for Bulgarians Abroad (SABA), General Secretary Krasimir Tomov, and Mark Stoyov have been detained by Bulgarian police and charged with selling EU passports to more than 30 people a week.


OneCoin Cryptocurrency Offices Raided In Bulgaria

Crime, News | January 22, 2018 By:

Bulgaria’s Special Prosecutor’s Office (SPO) has revealed its involvement in an international operation to neutralize Onecoin, an alleged cryptocurrency that has drawn law enforcement attention in several countries.

OneCoin is promoted by offshore companies OneCoin Ltd (Dubai) and OneLife Network Ltd (Belize), both led by Bulgarian Ruja Ignatova,