Crypto Hedge Fund Tyr Capital Integrates With Digital Currency Custodian Copper

Blockchain, Innovation, News | March 18, 2021 By:

Cryptocurrency hedge fund Tyr Capital has integrated with London-based digital asset infrastructure provider Copper to elevate its security and investor confidence features with innovative technology.

Tyr Capital is a multi-strategy crypto hedge fund focused on generating alpha through a diversified set of arbitrage and relative value strategies.


Crypto Derivatives Platform ZUBR Integrates Copper’s ClearLoop Solution

Blockchain, News | November 3, 2020 By:

Crypto derivatives platform ZUBR has partnered with London-based digital currency custodian Copper to integrate their ClearLoop solution to strengthen the security and efficiency of the ZUBR platform.

ZUBR is an arbitrage hub for digital asset derivatives, aimed at experienced and professional market participants and traders exploiting quantitative algorithmic and latency-sensitive trading strategies.