Osmosis Launches Grants Program to Support Growth of DeFi Ecosystem Around the DEX

Announcements, Blockchain, Innovation, News | May 11, 2022 By:

Automated Market-Making (AMM) protocol Osmosis has launched a grants program to fund projects that grow the DEX – ranging from DeFi or gaming apps that leverage Osmosis’ deep liquidity to improved tooling, infrastructure and more.

Through governance, the Osmosis DAO allocated 1.5M OSMO tokens to the Osmosis Grants Program with a budget thereafter of 750,000 OSMO per quarter.


The Future of DeFi

News | May 10, 2022 By:

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) is a fast growing, and even faster evolving, area of cryptocurrency. Multi-million dollar projects rise and fall, as they try to keep pace with new innovations that never seem to stop. It is reminiscent of early Silicon Valley, where dozens of tech startups were sprouting up with each new day,


DeFi’s Missing Link: A Historical Perspective on the Link Between Privacy and Blockchains

Blockchain, News, Opinion | April 5, 2022 By:

The relationship between blockchain applications and privacy has always been a complicated one. Bitcoin as the pioneering blockchain application allowed fully pseudonymous accounts and transactions, while at the same time making all transactions visible to anyone. This could (and did) expose a wealth of information on any entity whose pseudo-anonymity was blown.