Internet Giants Could Face Lawsuit For Banning Crypto Ads

News | March 28, 2018 By:

Newly founded trade group Eurasian Blockchain Association (EBA) is planning to file a class action lawsuit against Internet corporations for banning crypto-related ads.

During a two-day blockchain conference (March 27-28) held in Moscow, representatives of the Russian Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Association (RACIB), the Korea Venture Business Association (KOVA),


Excessive Regulation Could Constrain The Crypto Industry, Says EU Banking Authority Chair

News, Regulation | March 12, 2018 By:

Andrea Enria, the chief executive of the European Banking Authority (EBA), said that he has “yet to be convinced” that cryptocurrencies should come under the full scope of regulation.

Speaking at the Copenhagen Business School on Friday, Enria said that bringing FinTech firms under the same supervisory umbrella as banks just because they compete in some of the same sectors is not the right answer.