Cryptocurrency Adoption Doubles: New Research Finds 1-in-3 U.S. Adults Now Investing

News, Opinion | April 28, 2022 By:

Over the past year, the number of Americans that own cryptocurrency has more than doubled. Now, as many as one-in-three U.S. adults are invested in Bitcoin, Ethereum, among others, according to new research.

Among first-time cryptocurrency investors, women and older adults 60+ were the most likely to dip their toes into purchasing for the first time,


dHEDGE Launches Toros Protocol to Bring Asset-Manager-Exclusive Tools to Polygon Community

Announcements, Blockchain, Innovation, News | April 26, 2022 By:

Blockchain-based social asset management platform dHEDGE has launched a new protocol that brings exclusive asset-manager tools to the wider Polygon community.

Built on Ethereum, the dHEDGE platform allows users to hold and trade assets by utilizing different protocols, allowing users the ability to run liquidity across Ethereum,


Attacking an Ethereum L2 with Unbridled Optimism

News, Opinion | February 15, 2022 By:

The Summary

On 2/2/2022, I reported a critical security issue to Optimism—an “L2 scaling solution” for Ethereum—that would allow an attacker to replicate money on any chain using their “OVM 2.0” fork of go-ethereum (which they call l2geth).

Quickly, Optimism—whose platform currently uses a centralized “sequencer”—moved to both fix this bug on their nodes and infrastructure,


First NFT Bridge Created Between Ethereum and Bitcoin via Stacks

Announcements, Blockchain, Innovation, News | February 14, 2022 By:

Bitcoin-themed NFT collection Satoshibles has created the first NFT bridge between Ethereum and Bitcoin via Stacks. Satoshibles NFTs can now be bridged between Stacks and Ethereum, allowing for NFT holders to use the Bitcoin blockchain to secure their NFTs like a vault and bridge their NFTs over to Ethereum to access the metaverse and play in virtual lands like The Sandbox.